Have You Ever Purchased a Household Item from a Facebook Ad?

Last week I did something for the first time: I clicked on a Facebook ad and bought a household item.

I’m specifying “household item” because I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked on an ad in the past for Kickstarter games and probably backed at least a few of them. But the vast majority of the ads Facebook decides to show me are–for reasons I don’t know–things like heavy blankets, special pillows, etc. Comfort items.

The ad that I responded to was particularly applicable to me because it solved a problem: It’s for a towel that doesn’t get musty. I’ve found that happens to my towels if I’m not careful about keeping the AC out of the bathroom.

Normally I avoid premium products, but I’ve found the exception to that (other than games) are things I use every day. If I know I’ll use something all the time, unless it’s outrageously expensive, it often feels like it’s worth the expense.

So that’s how I came to be the mostly proud owner of the Onsen towel. It’s a thinner, ribbed towel that’s designed to dry fast. In those regards, it works really well. It dries quickly, and it doesn’t seem to get musty.

However, because of how thin it is, it soaks through almost instantly while I’m trying to dry off after a shower. Especially the middle part, which I used to dry my hair. The result is that I don’t feel completely dry until a few minutes after I’ve toweled off. That’s fine, just not exactly what I’m looking for.

But the towel is good enough that I’ll certainly continue to use it. I may grow to love it. We’ll see.

Have you ever purchased a household or comfort item from a Facebook ad?

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