Have You Ever Scavenger Hunted?

I had an interesting experience last night.

A friend was hosting a Harry Potter themed Halloween party. When I arrived, I was told it was time to leave–we had to go on a scavenger hunt! The hosts had spent the last week taking photos of interesting objects within a square-mile radius (things they saw while walking their dogs), and they clipped them together to form “spells” that we’d get points for if we found them.

There were 5 of us in the first group that ventured out, each with 2 or 3 packets of spells. Each photo was a specific, permanent object. As difficult as it was, it felt really good when I spotted my first “ingredient.” To get credit for it, I had to point a magic wand at it:

Soon afterwards, we realized just how difficult it is to spot specific objects among the MANY objects that are within any given 1-mile radius. We found a few, but eventually, cold and hungry, I resorted to another plan: Take photos of any objects that looked remotely interesting in the hopes the hosts wouldn’t notice:

Here’s a big leaf!

Here’s a port-o-potty!

Here’s a fire hydrant!

In the end, I think we found around 10 of the 40 or so objects. Good times.

Have you ever embarked on a scavenger hunt? How did it go?