Have You Read “Children of Time”?

I think Children of Time may be the best book I’ve read this year so far. At the very least, it’s the sci-fi book I’ve enjoyed the most in quite some time.

If you like far-future sci-fi and you’re looking for a good read, I’d recommend that you take the plunge without reading further. But I’m going to say a few things that are revealed very early in the book that might entice you if you’re not convinced.

The book does two things in particular that I really enjoyed (aside from being hugely imaginative and incredibly well written):

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sci-fi book build a civilization like Adrian Tchaikovsky does here. He starts at the beginning and works into what we would perceive to be the future…but he does it with a non-human, non-alien sentient creature, so their civilization looks nothing like ours and yet is completely believable. It is absolutely fascinating–I couldn’t take my eyes off the page for the many chapters about this civilization.
  2. Children of Time may not be the first book to use this method, but it uses it so well: Basically, while the civilization is forming, you also follow some humans on a spaceship, but most of them are locked in stasis as the ship travels across time and space. Because of this, we get to follow the same characters throughout the book–it’s very character driven. And you can really feel/see through their eyes what it means to have such huge amounts of time–hundreds, even thousands of years–pass while they’re in stasis.

I loved this book. Really, really loved it. If you read it, please tell me what you think–I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if not, what’s the last great book you read?