I Now Know What a Sarlacc Looks Like!

I’ve seen Star Wars Episode VI a good number of times. There’s a great scene near the beginning that takes place on Jabba the Hutt’s vessel. You might remember it as the bikini scene (as do I), but there’s something else in that scene that has fascinated me: the Sarlacc.

I’ve always thought of the Sarlacc as a gaping mouth with teeth and tentacles in the sand. But it didn’t occurred to me that the mouth must be attached to something, something really big.

The other day I read that the Boba Fett spinoff movie has been cancelled. In the article on Slashfilm about it, they mentioned that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc. It was then that I not only wondered what the non-mouth portion of the Sarlacc looked like, but also that thanks to the internet, I could find out.

So I did. And it’s awesome:

This, I believe, is a depiction of a large female Sarlacc that is perfectly content staying in one place, feeding off of passing prey. It’s more plant than animal–kind of like a giant Venus Flytrap.

Look how big it is! There’s so much more than just the mouth. I love oversized creatures in sci-fi/fantasy.

For some reason it’s incredibly satisfying for me to know what the Sarlacc looks like. Have you ever had this happen years after watching a movie or reading a book? Perhaps you always wondered what something or someone looked like, and then you found out? What was it for you?