Pet Pleases #155 and #156: Memory and Knots

Today I have two tiny pet pleases, little things that make me happy.

First, do you ever think of something–a task, idea, reminder, etc–and then before you have the chance to act on it, you forget it? While that could easily fit into the pet peeve category, I think it’s even more glorious when, just before the thought starts to slip away forever…you remember it!

I have this happen the most often on my computer. Like, I’ll think about a website I want to load, but before I do, I get an e-mail that distracts me. When I’m done with the e-mail, I know there was something I was excited to check out, but I can’t remember what it was. And then (sometimes) I actually remember it! Those moments are the best.

Second, I tend to wear shoes for a long time. During that time, my laces accumulate knots, and sometimes those knots get really small and tight. Even if they get in the way of the shoe-tying process, I tend to just leave them as is–surely such small knots can’t be undone.

But every now and then I take a minute to pry at one of those knots, and to my surprise, they actually loosen up. There’s a wonderful moment where the knot is undone, and the shoelace is finally free to do it’s job again! It’s like tag off your boxer briefs that has been scratching you for a month–it’s amazing.

Those are my two pet pleases of the day. What’s a tiny thing you’ve experienced lately that delights you?

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