What Would Cause You to Quit Survivor?

(spoilers within about recent Survivor episodes)

I got my bi-weekly dose of Survivor tonight, and unfortunately one of my favorite contestants, Bi, decided to quit the game.

Usually when someone quits Survivor, it’s met with a certain amount of disdain from me, my friends, and especially host Jeff Probst. However, Bi’s situation was a little different. She’s a professional MMA fighter, and she had previously torn her MCL.

So when she sprained her MCL during a challenge on Survivor, Bi was worried. She woke up the next day with her knee extremely swollen, and she made the tough decision to remove herself from the game. A sprained MCL is fragile, and if she tore it later in the game, she’d return home without a job, and perhaps with an end to her career.

I absolutely respect her decision. You could tell she didn’t take it lightly. Survivors have quit for a lot less–some have simply expressed that they weren’t have fun, or that they were tired, too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, etc.

I can’t say that I would fair any better than those quitters, as I’m pretty sure I would be miserable on Survivor (aside from the joy of being on Survivor). I’m not the type of person who can skip a meal and be okay–I’ll get grumpy, and then I’ll get a massive migraine. So I wouldn’t put myself in that position.

But if I wasn’t migraine-prone, what would it take for me to quit? My job doesn’t have a physical requirement (other than typing) like Bi’s career. I don’t like being wet, cold, exhausted, or hungry more than anyone else, but if I made the commitment to go on Survivor, I’d know all that going into it, and I’d stick around. Sure, it’s easy to say that from a distance…but I just don’t think I’d let myself take a precious spot on the show if there was even a possibility I’d quit for those reasons. (Note that you can be removed from the game for medical reasons–it’s not your choice in those cases, and I would let them cart me away.)

What about you? Even if you don’t watch Survivor, you probably understand the general idea of it. If you signed up to be there, knowing what you’re getting into, what would it take for you to quit?

2 thoughts on “What Would Cause You to Quit Survivor?”

  1. I will be first to be eaten by the zombies.

    I admire anyone who lasts more than 24 hours out there. I would never give up were I in the position to be out there. I would be playing for family, and I think that is why people can do it. The longer you last the more money you get, there is a staggered payout scheme, where I think it is flat until you hit the jury and increases quite a bit the longer you make it. I think 2nd place still gets 6 figures. So there is incentive, monetarily still to play as long as you can.

    Never give up is pretty much my default life position. Living with chronic pain, it has to be, and gaming has helped me build that resilience and vice versa, my pain resilience makes me pretty tough in gaming. It is tested, there are times it feels like the pain is winning, but I don’t let it except momentarily to let the emotions out. It is not the pain, it is the suffering.

  2. I think if some major emergency happened to my wife and kids I’d quit so I could be with them.

    Also, if they didn’t have a board game library on the island with Scythe.


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