I Admire Actors Who Train

Okay, this is really cool.

There’s a new Robin Hood movie in the works, and apparently the star of the movie, Taron Egerton, decided to learn how to shoot arrows really, really well. It’s probably unnecessary, but I admire and respect the devotion to his craft.

Watch this and tell me you’re not impressed (especially the double arrows at the end):

2 thoughts on “I Admire Actors Who Train”

  1. Wow! That’s actually very impressive! There’s another video from the same guy (the trainer) where the director is talking about how Lars (the archery trainer) said you could see arrows coming at you, so you could actually dodge/block/swat them away, which they then incorporated into the movie!

    Also, because of that, the Arabic archers learned to fire multiple arrows very quickly in succession, so if you managed to somehow avoid getting skewered by the first, they could get you with the second or third!

  2. Quite impressive…while my daughter is in very early years as an actress, she too admires those who train in her craft.


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