I Recommend Facebook Recommendations

A few days ago, I tried something for the first time: I posted a Facebook recommendation request.

I’m in awe of how well it worked.

I’m heading to Los Angeles for a few days in mid-December. I’m mainly there for the Survivor finale, but I have a little bit of free time. So I opened a Facebook status, clicked on “recommendation,” selected “Los Angeles, and asked people if they had any ideas.

The Facebook algorithm worked wonders, and the post was soon filled with comments from people who have connections to Los Angeles. Opportunities arose that I never would have otherwise had access to, and I was reminded of several people who I didn’t even know lived in that area.

But here’s the best part: For every location people mentioned in the comments (most of them restaurants), Facebook automatically tags a map. This is incredibly helpful as I plan to navigate my way through LA (or, ideally, not need to navigate too far from one place to another in their notoriously dense traffic).

I’m amazed by how well this recommendation system worked, and I’ll definitely be using it when I travel in the future. Have you ever used it? How was your experience?

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