Is It Better to Eat Your Least Healthy Meal for Lunch or Dinner?

This weekend I bought a lot of edible seeds.

I’ve slowly but surely been trying to make my diet healthier over the 6-12 months. Fewer carbs, V8, and fruit instead of fruit juice have joined the other parts of my regular diet that were already healthy: fish, chicken, spinach, and oatmeal.

But I want to take it a step further. I’ve started eating more avocado, healthy nuts (like almonds), berries, and the aforementioned seeds. Now that I see all those words in a row, I’m essentially becoming a chipmunk. So be it–they’re adorable.

My plan is to have one “chipmunk” meal a day and one that may be less healthy (more filling, traditional proteins, leftovers from restaurant meals). I’d like to get in a regular patterns, so I’m trying to figure out if lunch or dinner should be the least healthy meal. I can see it going either way:

  • Lunch should be less healthy: Having a bigger, less healthy meal for lunch might make more sense because it needs to propel me through the rest of the day. Also, I’m much more active in the afternoon than I am in the evening, so it’s easier to burn off unnecessary calories.
  • Dinner should be less healthy: My body is accustomed to processing smaller meals at lunch and bigger meals at dinner–I think it would be easier to continue that trend with less filling “chipmunk” meals for lunch. Also, I typically allocate more time for a dinner meal than lunch. Oh, and I typically work out right before dinner, so my body is primed to process what I’m getting ready to eat.

I lean towards lunch being the bigger, less healthy meal, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts. What do you recommend, and what’s your approach?