My Favorite SNL Sketches This Week

Jonah Hill was the guest host on Saturday Night Live this week, and I thought it was a solid episode with some of the best material featured in the monologue and Weekend Update.

However, there were two sketches that really made me laugh, so I thought I’d share them with you.

The first makes a friendly jab at America’s Got Talent. I’ve never watched a full episode, but I’ve seen plenty of clips online, and it does seem to be a pattern that the judges and audience are consistently surprised by unassuming contestants. My favorite part is Jonah Hill asking, “Music, ma’am?”

The other video that made me laugh out loud is for a pill that answers the question, “How do you sleep at night?” The physical comedy is superb in this one, particularly since she doesn’t get hurt–she just falls asleep instantly.

What was your favorite sketch of the week?

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  1. Joseph E. Pilkus III says:

    OMG! I almost spit out my coffee watching the HuckaPM one.

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