This Clever Twist Might Actually Make Jetpacks a Thing

One of my lifelong dreams is to see jetpacks become widely available and even commonplace (and, of course, for me to use or even own one). This might at least partially stem from my adoration of Iron Man.

So I was really excited to see a watch a new video about the latest developments from Gravity, one of several companies trying to create and perfect a jetpack.

The entire video (7 minutes) is fun to watch, but it’s really the last 45 seconds that made me start to believe that jetpacks are becoming a reality. That’s when the founder of Gravity says that he thinks a jetpack racing competition is the next step towards bringing jetpacks into the mainstream.

Jetpack racing. How cool is that?

This is awesome on multiple levels. The first is, quite simply, that I would love to watch a jetpack race, especially with different companies entering their version of the jetpack in the competition. Whether it’s watching the race on TV or in person, it would be thrilling entertainment.

The second is that I absolutely agree with the Gravity guy: Competition spurs innovation. Not only would it drive various companies to make a better jetpack, but it would also result in cash flow to help keep these businesses afloat so they don’t have to rely purely on speculative angel investors.

I love it, and I really hope it happens. What do you think? Have you seen other innovations benefit from competitions? Would you watch a jetpack race?

5 thoughts on “This Clever Twist Might Actually Make Jetpacks a Thing”

  1. You should enter the competition! With the vast wealth of Stonemaier Games at your back, you could turn that iron man suit into a reality! Let nothing stand in your way. You are iron man.


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