What Would You Talk About as a TED Talker?

There was a time when I fancied the idea of being a TED talker. I’ve watched dozens of TED talks (videos, not live), and quite a few of them have inspired me. It’s how I learned about Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink, and Dan Ariely.

I’m not sure what I would talk about or if I would even actually do it (public speaking makes me really, really stressed and nervous). Probably something related to games, crowdfunding, marketing, or community building? I’m not sure. I kind of like that I don’t need to distill my life’s work into 12 minutes.

However, I admire those who are able to give such amazing talks, and I was surprised to learn this weekend that a friend actually gave a TEDx talk in St. Louis recently. I shouldn’t have been surprised, as Katie is incredibly driven and intelligent, and she has an extensive background in education. I was more surprised because I don’t know anyone else who has ever given a TED or TEDx talk. I’ll post it below so you can check it out.

Do you know anyone who has given a TED talk? What’s your favorite talk? And which topic would you discuss if you had the stage for 12 minutes?