Would You Eat a Cricket Cookie?

I’ve eaten grasshopper tacos, cricket protein bars, and cricket chips…now it’s time for cricket cookies.

Why am I doing this to myself? I’m interested in more sustainable forms of protein. Insects aren’t commonly used for that in the US, but I think they might become more prevalent.

I’ve backed several insect-related Kickstarter projects, and the latest was for cricket flour. I received my reward a week or so ago. I debated using it to make biscuits, but I decided instead to make chocolate chip cookies.

The fine print in the photo is a little hard to read, but it basically says that this is a mix of regular all-purpose flour and cricket flour. The result is 8 grams of protein per serving.

The other cricket-based foods I’ve eaten have definitely tasted faintly of insect. They weren’t bad, but they also weren’t great. However, I couldn’t taste the cricket at all in the cookies. The bag says that they add a “nutty” flavor, and I combined that with some oatmeal in the batter. The result was a genuinely delicious cookie:

I shared a plate of them at game night, and I was a little surprised that only two people even dared to try a bite. That wasn’t a bad thing, though–more for me! Would you have tried one? Do you have any experience eating insects?

6 Responses to “Would You Eat a Cricket Cookie?”

  1. Charles Dionne says:

    I’ve eaten worse things so I would definitely have tried one! Did the other people who dared to try a bite enjoy it as much as you did?

  2. I would, absolutely!

    But then, I’ve also eaten friend insects, which I really enjoyed.

    Slightly disheartened to know that so many folk were put off by the mere fact that it was cricket flour.

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