My 3 Favorite SNL Sketches of the Week

The gregarious Jason Momoa (Aquaman) hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and he brought a great energy to the show. My favorite sketches, though, weren’t actually live–all 3 were pre-recorded.

First Impression

My favorite sketch of the night is weird, though the premise isn’t: A boyfriend wants to impress his girlfriend’s parents when meeting them for the first time. I don’t want to spoil it, but I really like Momoa’s role as the dad in this sketch, as his eagerness to solve the mystery is contagious.

The Ultimate NBC Page

For the first time, I’m actually featuring a pre-show teaser as one of my favorite sketches. Momoa, playing himself, takes the role of a page tasked with answering a question, and his methods are…well, very Momoa-like.

GE Big Boys

I love commercials like this that take a concept WAY too far while treating it seriously throughout. I need to get that vacuum.

Did you have a favorite SNL sketch of the week? Are you excited about Aquaman? It’s shaping up to be a big movie weekend: Aquaman, Spiderman, and Mortal Engines–which to see first?!

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