What Emotion Is This Snowman Feeling?

Sometimes my parents and sister send me cute photos of my cousins. I look at the photos for a few seconds, smile, and then get back to work.

That’s what I did when I first saw this photo. I’ve used the size that it displayed on my phone so you can see why I didn’t inspect it further.

However, later in the day I was showing off the snow to a friend, and we realized there was more to the photo. First, importantly, see how happy Anna is:

She’s pretty pleased with herself, right? Yet not everyone shares the same smile:

What happened to this snowman?! He’s so sad! Does he know about the fragility of life, that the sun will reduce him to water? Did Anna whisper that in his ear right before the photo?

I’m telling you, this snowman has seen things than cannot be unseen and heard things that cannot be unheard.

What do you think? What emotion is this snowman feeling, and what happened to him (or her–the anatomy is ambiguous) to make him feel this way?

2 Responses to “What Emotion Is This Snowman Feeling?”

  1. Candy Mercer says:

    It is clear, it has a major head wound. Very funny post Jamey!

    Been thinking of you as it gets closer to Survivor finale! I went back and am rewatching Season 1, wow, what a change in the pace of the show!…I recommend going back as part of your going to LA ritual!

    • I wish I could worry about the sad snowman, but I’m still stuck on whether Patrick peed on the couch. (There must be a game buried somewhere in all these mysteries, just itching to get out.)

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