10 New-to-Me Games I’m Hoping to Play at Geekway Mini 2019

Later this week I’ll be attending the “mini” version of Geekway to the West here in St. Louis. For 3 days I’ll spend the meat of my day playing games with a variety of people, hopefully quite a few new-to-me games (both for fun and to learn from them as a designer).

I’ve been compiling a list of games I really want to try at Geekway Mini, and as I usually do, I’m going to share it below in case you love one of these games and want to teach and play it with me. You can see here if it’s in their library and here if it’s in their play-and-win section.

My top 10 new-to-me games I want to play are as follows in no particular order, followed by some others on my list:

  • Gugong (a friend is bringing this)
  • The Quacks of Quedlinburg (in play-and-win)
  • Space Base (in play-and-win)
  • 10 Minute Heist
  • Snow Tails (in library)
  • The Shipwreck Arcana
  • Vault Wars
  • San Marco (in library)
  • Rise of Tribes
  • Eminent Domain (in library)

I’m also curious about: Teotihuacan, Illusion, Valparaiso, Shadows in the Forest, Blood of an Englishman, Cat Lady, Timber Tom, High Society, Stellar Leap, Sentient, Goodcritters, Siggil, Dragon Valley, Booty, Town Center, Shitenno, Valley of the Kings, Outlive, Longhorn, Goa, Carson City, Lords of Vegas

Whether or not you’re attending Geekway to the West, what are some new-to-you games you’re hoping to try soon?

16 thoughts on “10 New-to-Me Games I’m Hoping to Play at Geekway Mini 2019”

  1. Gugong is great, I think you’re really going to enjoy that one. I would also highly recommend High Society if you can find a group to play it with. Super fun auction filler with a really exciting end-game trigger!

    I’m going on my fatherhood game night hiatus soon but I’m hoping to play Architects of the West Kingdom and CO2 before that day comes!

      • It was already in your “curious about” list… I was just pointing out that I think you should definitely try it if given the chance. And Teotihuacan, which you seem to have just added too. And Underwater Cities at 2 or 3-player. 🙂

        • Oh good, I thought I had it there. And yes, Teotihuacan should be on the main list, but a friend preordered it ages ago, so if I don’t play it at Geekway, I’ll be able to play it later.

  2. I really want to try the Shipwreck Arcana again—I tried to play it at BGG.con, but the group I played with barely gave it a chance before wanting to quit.

    Space Base is also on my list, as I keep hearing good things about that one.

    Oh, and at least 1 game of Wingspan. 🙂

    • Really? I heard it was a really short game. You should teach Wingspan to some new folks now that you know how to play! 🙂

      • It is a really short game, but I think that night about half the group was eager to go play Time’s Up, and I ended up hanging out with others who were doing a one shot game of Fiasco (followed by some other games afterwards).

      • It can be, it really depends on how well your group does I guess. Shouldn’t be more than 30 mins total though, unless people get analysis paralysis. But logically there will only be a limited number of places you can place a token, and one is likely communicating more information than the rest, but it’s still deduction, so you have to be sure your group will ‘get it’.

        The other advantage is that players can freely drop in and out of a game (might make it harder, but still doable), so I would have thought it would be good for conventions.

        Not sure if anyone has already mentioned it to you, but it looks like they will do a reprint and expansion on Kickstarter soon: https://www.meromorphgames.com/blog/shipwreckreprint

  3. The new to me game I was most interested in was… Wingspan. Until I got to play it today.

    In all seriousness though, I am yet to play Concordia and really feel like I would enjoy it a lot.

    1. Concordia
    2. Betrayal Legacy
    3. Aeon’s End Legacy
    4. Quacks of Quedlinburg
    5. Tokyo Highway
    6. Roll to the Top
    7. Welcome to…
    8. Burgle Bros.
    9. Underwater Cities
    10. Chronicles of Crime

  4. I’ve been hearing a lot about Architects of the West Kingdom, and I really enjoyed playing Raiders of the North Sea. Gugong also looke interesting. Others I want to play are Carpe Diem, Forum Trajanum, Underwater Cities.

    And I highly recommend Teotihuacan. If I were there this weekend if offer to teach it.

    • Joe, is Forum Trajanum available in US retail yet? If not, I have a copy I can bring with me this weekend if folks are interested in giving it a go.


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