Are There Any Trilogies Released Out of Order?

Okay, random thought about book and movie trilogies: Are there any that are released out of order?

I think I was reading The Poppy War recently when this thought occurred to me. While this isn’t the case for the main character in that book, I love books where you meet a fascinating, fully developed characters (like Han Solo). What if most of the characters in the book/movie are like that, making you wonder about how they got to this point in the story. Instead of telling you about their backstories in book 1, what if the trilogies started in the middle of the action (book 2), and then the second book released in the series is book 2?

Just to make this easier to imagine, think of your favorite movie or book trilogy. Now, imagine that you watched/read the second entry in the series first and THEN were presented with part 1. Are there any series that would have been even better if introduced in that order?

Star Wars doesn’t exactly do this, nor did the prequels turn out as I would have hoped, but I think it was a brilliant move to start the series with Episode IV. How cool is that? It instantly gives you the impression that a ton of important stuff happened in the previous episodes.

There’s also the “Age of War” book series that features an entire trilogy set in the present, followed by the release of another trilogy set thousands of years in the past. So you learn about how the modern-day people view their history, and then you go back and learn how it actually happened. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Last, I understand that not all backstories are created equal. Like, I enjoyed Han Solo for what he was in the latter half of the Star Wars series–I didn’t need a prequel about him. But I think it could have worked better if the prequel is planned from the beginning.

Are there any actual trilogies that successfully use this method? 3 books or 3 movies where the first part released was part 2, then part 1, then part 3, and they’re intended to be consumed in that order.