Do You Watch “Um, Actually”?

I’m not a trivia guy. It’s just not how my mind works–I don’t remember trivia. As a result, I generally avoid trivia nights, I don’t watch Jeopardy, and I rarely play trivia games (though I love Wits and Wagers).

However, I love the CollegeHumor show “Um, Actually.” I wanted to share this love with you today.

Basically, Um, Actually is a nerd trivia show. The host reads statements about topics like Pokemon, comic books, Star Wars, etc. The statement are mostly true, but there’s always one detail that is incorrect.

The three contestants can buzz in at any time to say, “Um, actually….,” correcting the statement. Sometimes they take wild guesses, and other times they know the exact answer. I hardly ever know the answers, and as nerdy as I am, I don’t know all of the subjects they discuss, but it’s still so much fun to listen to the statements and see how the contestants react.

I think my favorite part about it is the banter between the contestants and the host. They genuinely seem to be having fun, as they’re partially there for comedy. But they do it in a way that is respectful to nerd culture.

Maybe it’s not for you, but I recommend checking out an episode or two in case you like it. Here’s a full playlist of all episodes.

What’s your take on trivia? Do you enjoy trivia nights, shows, and games?

4 thoughts on “Do You Watch “Um, Actually”?”

  1. Um… actually… the very title on the image of the video you have linked here is wrong.
    It’s “Spider-man”, not “Spiderman”. There’s a hyphen 😉

    (Never watched the show, might check it out tonight though!)

  2. “What’s your take on trivia? Do you enjoy trivia nights, shows, and games?”

    My take is that people who don’t enjoy trivia, especially trivia nights, are lesser human beings. Wait, that came out wrong and sounds harsh. Not “lesser human beings.” More like, “humans who tastes and predilections reveal lesser intrinsic moral worth.” Is that better?


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