Have You Ever Had a Tarot Card Reading?

I don’t want someone else to tell me my future.

I learned this about myself at a recent party where a friend was performing tarot card readings. It’s an annual tradition for her to do this, and I could tell she enjoyed entertaining her friends with their possible futures. So I decided to join several people as my friend read their futures.

Now, I have to say that (a) I don’t follow horoscopes or astrological signs and (b) I believe that there are mysterious things about the universe that we don’t understand. So even though I don’t personally think that tarot cards mean anything, I also can’t pretend to understand the mysteries of the universe. As long as people aren’t hurting themselves or each other, I’m fine with people placing various levels of trust in tarot cards.

One friend had her year described to her, followed by another friend. While this was happening, it hit me rather hard that I really did not want my future read, even though I don’t believe that my future can be foretold via tarot cards.

I thought about this later, and here’s why: If someone describes my future, even if it’s not true, in the back of my mind I might wonder if it is true, and my actions might change as a result. Or, in the slim chance that it is possible to look into someone’s future, the act of you telling me my future means that I will live my life to ensure that the foretold future will come true.

I don’t want either of those things! I’d much rather find happiness in the present and strive for the future I want, not the future someone else tells me I’ll have.

I know, as did my friends, that it was all in good fun. But I was surprised by how much it meant to me to not know anything about my own future, whether it’s true or false. I want to discover it on my own.

How do you feel about fortune tellers, astrology, and tarot cards? Do you mind having your future read, even just for fun? Please respond in a non-judgmental way (unless you’re aware of these things doing significant damage to people, which I’m sure does happen with people pay a lot of money to con artists).

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  1. Joseph E. Pilkus III says:


    For me, I grew up Catholic, so I’m a great skeptic when it comes to tarot card readers and other con-artists. If someone is doing it for fun, have at it, but if people actually believe that they can tell the future…and they charge for it, I know I’m looking at a charlatan.


  2. iainsimmons says:

    Yeah I don’t believe in it or find it impressive at all. I admit I would find it impressive if a complete stranger pulled me out of a group of people and guessed a bunch of random facts about my past, based on my palms or some such. At least then you can confirm the truth of it without worrying about affecting your behaviour.

    Also, side note, for a game with some nice tarot card style art, and awesome co-op deduction gameplay, check out The Shipwreck Arcana.

    Side side note, knowing that Fantasy Realms is one of your favourites, I wanted to let you know that there’s a Wizkids Companion app that can help with scoring. You just select the cards you have and it will add it all up for you. 🙂 I knew I needed one when I realised it took twice as long to count the scores as it did to play the game! 🙂

  3. madiloblog says:

    Yes Jamey, it is very recognizable and can completely follow your thinking. Coincidentally I own a set of Tarot cards and a book explaining those cards. Now owning does not mean using it 😉 It was quite some years ago when purchased and at that moment in time it was just another element of me exploring life on ‘Heaven and Earthly matters’.
    When occasionally used then, it was more for curiosity and fun indeed.

    Coming to your main question: personally I don’t mind future-telling, but definitely will not engage in this proactively. Like you also said in similar words; for me the present moment is what counts. And because this moment is so precious, all ‘things’ that occur can have an effect on what the future will bring, IF you are less aware!
    Hence you shape your future in this very moment….and you know what you want right now, albeit sometimes unconsciously present, deeply hidden in your frontal cortex.

    Final thoughts on this: even a fun future telling experience could be that little spark to enlighten your ‘hidden future’. Some people have a talent to translate their empathic senses in a surprising story. There is more happening in the universe than we can comprehend, right? 😉

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