I Got It!

I know, I already talked about Pete Holmes this week, but he did something else I really like, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Apparently when he toured with some comedians a few years ago, they would play a game called “I Got It” with each other. It’s something you’ve probably seen in movies and TV shows–I can’t place it, but I’m sure I’ve seen it.

In “I Got It,” you pretend to join your friends after trying out for something (the “something” doesn’t really matter). You act as dejected as possible, bemoaning the process and questioning yourself while your friends act supportive…and then you look up, smile, shout, “I got it!” Everyone goes crazy in jubilation.

It sounds so silly, especially since everyone participating knows the punchline you even begin, but I think that makes the “dejection” portion even more fun. If I liked party games, this is the type of party game I’d want to play.

Have you ever played “I Got It” (or done this in real life)?

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  1. iainsimmons says:

    Makes me think of the game Don’t Get Got: https://bigpotato.com/gb/games/dont-get-got

    Would be fun with a group of friends, if you constantly saw each other and knew each other quite well. 🙂

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