My Top 10 Favorite Sandwiches of 2018

I discovered in the last year that I really love weird, unique sandwiches and burgers. Fortunately, St. Louis is a hotspot for them, ranging from the daily creations at Hi-Point Drive-In to the monthly specials at Layla to the weekly head-to-head matchups at Bailey’s Range.

So today I thought I’d showcase my favorite sandwiches of the last year (at least, all those that I took photos of). They’re pictured in no particular order, though I’ll pick one at the end as my #1.

Korean-Style Bao Burger: This Hi-Pointe burger featured bulgogi beef and kimchi on a warm bao.

Japanese Hot Dog: I never ate anything like this in Japan, but I was happy to eat it at Hi-Pointe. It was truly a monster (at least 2 meals) and featured seaweed, wasabi mayo, and an all-beef dog fresh off the grill.

Hot Roast Beef: Gioia’s Deli has a lot of delicious sandwiches served on toasted garlic baguettes, but I think this is my favorite.

Pizza Toast Burger: Hi-Pointe strikes again with this monstrosity. That’s a big piece of pizza toast (pepperoni mushroom, my favorite) followed by a burger, built on a foundation of another piece of pizza toast. The arugula was a nice touch.

Totino’s Party Pizza Burger: After trying the Hi-Pointe version, I wanted to make my own pizza burger. It doesn’t look as good as the restaurant version, but this was genuinely very good. I’ve been meaning to make it again.

Taco Burger: Take a close look at this one. What you’re seeing is 2 grilled cheese sandwiches used as taco shells. It’s definitely 2 meals, and your heart may stop a few times in the process.

Donut Burger: Speaking of heart trouble, this is a burger featured by Layla’s earlier this year. Donut, burger, and egg. The only mistep was a sweet jam on the burger–it didn’t need any more sweetness than the donut bun.

K-Pop Burger: This is the most recent addition from Bailey’s Range, home of my favorite chocolate shake in St. Louis. The key to this one was the bulgogi beef, which was rich with flavor.

Prime Rib and Gravy: I’ve though about this sandwich from Grace Meat + Three many times, and I wish they’d bring it back. Usually I only eat half a sandwich at restaurants for dietary reasons (and I love leftovers), but I ate every bite of this sandwich on the spot. It was glorious.

Thanksgiving Burger: A few days after Thanksgiving, the Hi-Point offered a turkey burger topped with gravy, chicken fingers, arugula, and patties made of stuffing. It was incredibly succulent, though nearly impossible to pick up with my hands.

I thought I’d have a winner picked out by the time I reached the end here, but these sandwiches were all so good! It’s a very close call between the Korean-style bao burger, the prime rib and gravy, and the Thanksgiving burger, but for sheer presentation and taste, I think I’m going to have to choose the Thanksgiving burger as my number one sandwich of 2018. Congratulations, Hi-Pointe!

What was your favorite sandwich of 2018, or just the most memorable meal or dish you ate?

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  1. I love all manner of sandwiches…I grew up in Philly, so the quintessential sandwisch is the cheesesteak. For me, though, anything with a toasted bun and melted cheese…I’m in!


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