The Question of Elaine and Jujyfruits

In one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld, Elaine is standing in line at a movie theater concession stand when she learns that her boyfriend was in an accident and is hospitalized. Elaine decides on the spot to finish what she set out to do–order a box of Jujyfruits–and then heads to the hospital. Her boyfriend learns of this decision and breaks up with her.

This has weighed on me over the years. On one hand, the boyfriend is right to be frustrated. He was hit by a car, and in his moment of need, his girlfriend prioritized candy over him.

On the other hand, what difference did an extra minute make? Elaine isn’t a doctor–she’s just providing emotional support. And perhaps she can provide that support more effectively if it’s preceded by a dose of jujyfruits. If I were in the boyfriend’s position, I don’t think I would mind at all (especially if she also picked up a box of frozen Junior Mints).

So while Elaine was admonished for making this choice, was she really deserving of such judgment? In a life-or-death situation, every moment matters. But this was a case of a bruised hip–an extra minute is negligible.

I’ll say it: I’m siding with Elaine on this one. What do you think? What would you do? If someone else did this soon after you were hospitalized, how would you react?

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5 thoughts on “The Question of Elaine and Jujyfruits”

  1. I don’t know who I side with here. I agree that, given the relative non-severity of the accident, an extra minute or two isn’t an issue, so I don’t think the break up would be justified (unless it’s another example of things already wrong with the relationship). However, as one who has unfortunately gotten that hospital call, I know firsthand that, when a loved one is in an accident, the only thing on your mind is getting to them. I guess I ultimately don’t understand her decision to stay and buy the snacks and can definitely see how that could be seen as indicative of her priorities.

  2. I’m an adult. If I’m injured but not critical, do whatever you want and come by whenever. I wouldn’t expect my wife to drop everything. Like you stated, she isn’t the doctor, nurse or any other medical staff and it wasn’t a critical situation so what’s the problem? Now if I were a 10 year old boy, didn’t know what was going on and scared to be in the hospital by myself that’d be a whole different story. I hope nobody is dating 10 yr old boys.


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