This Is What Happens When You’re Single

I rather enjoy being single, and on occasion this characteristic has led to some comedic moments.

The most recent was when I was home for Christmas. My parents hosted a big Christmas party for some of our relatives (my mom and dad have LOT of siblings). They decided to hire a photographer to take photos of the various families and groups, which turned out to be a great idea.

Here’s a condensed look at all of these photographs, which I received in my inbox today. See if you can guess what’s coming next.

So we’re all taking these photos in different groups–all the adults, all the kids, all the cousins, families, couples, etc. We get to my immediate family, and we take a few of these photos (my sister and her husband have 3 kids, my brother and his wife have a little girl, and my parents have the 3 of us):

Nice photo, right? Everyone’s happily together. We finish the photos, and as we’re walking away, my mom turns around and says, “Jamey, you stay there. Let’s take a few photos of you.”

“Just me?” I asked. Keep in mind that EVERY other photo taken on this day included multiple people.

“Just you.”

This is the single life, folks:

Thanks, Mom. 🙂

Actually, looking at the big batch of photos, there is one other photo that just includes 1 person: My 10-month old niece, Maudie. She’s single too.

If you’re in the central Virginia area and you’re looking for a photographer, I think Anna did a great job! Here’s her website.