What Do You Do While Biding Time at Airports?

I made a note of this blog post question back in December when I flew to LA, to Virginia, and then back to St. Louis (6 total different legs, as no flights were direct). When you’re biding time during layovers and you have nothing specific to do–like, if you’ve already eaten–what do you do?

I’m asking partially because I do something that I’m surprised more people don’t do. I see a lot of people at airports settle down into chairs. I get that–chairs are the best, especially when you’re lugging around a big carry-on bag.

But here’s what I do: I walk. Specifically, I walk up and down those conveyor belt walkways. Because when else do you get to walk at a normal pace but feel like you’re flying?! I love it. Plus, I’m going to spend the next few hours crammed into a tiny seat–I might as well exercise while I can.

Someday I would love for an airport to set up a foam pit at the end of a moving walkway. I want to sprint down the walkway and jump as far as I can into the pit. That would be superb.

What do you do when you’re waiting around at airports?