Have You Watched Survivor: Edge of Extinction

I finally watched the first two episodes of Survivor tonight, and I’m already riveted. I think it’s going to be a great season. The dynamic of having a few returning contestants mixed with mostly new folks (lots of interesting personalities and stories among them) will be fun to watch.

But the big twist–not a spoiler at all, as it was revealed before the season began and in the first minute of the premiere–has me super curious about what will happen. Here’s the deal:

Normally in Survivor, when you’re voted out, your game is over. You walk down a path, check in with the medical team, eat a good meal, then sleep in a real bed.

There have been exceptions to that rule, including the “redemption” seasons and the season where people who were voted out returned as a new team for a single challenge. So the twist this season isn’t all that drastic, just interesting.

When you’re voted out this season, you walk down the path, thinking that your game is over….but there’s a signpost waiting for you. It reads like a choose-your-own adventure book: You can either choose to end your Survivor journey OR continue to play in isolation with a chance of returning to the game. The sign makes it clear that the path of continuing will be filled with hardship and strife.

I love this twist, especially since it’s a complete surprise to the contestants. The show executes it as much drama as possible, ending each episode at slightly different times with different types of uncertainty. It made me glad that my group watches 2 episodes in a row so we can see what happens next after the first episode.

For the people who choose to stay in the game, we don’t know how long they’ll have to wait, how hard it will be for them to survive, and what they’ll have to do to get back into the game. I’m very curious to see how it plays out.

Also, I’m very curious to see which contestants choose to leave the game. My guess is that most will stay, but if some are really tired and hungry after being on the island for a few weeks, they may leave. Even though no one wants to get voted out, I’m sure there’s at least a small sense of relief when it happens.

What do you think about the twist? In which circumstances would you choose to leave the game instead of staying in it?

8 thoughts on “Have You Watched Survivor: Edge of Extinction”

  1. I’ve not watched this show in a very, very long time. But I decided to revisit it, mainly due your enthusiasm for it, Mr. S. I’ve only watched the first one though — busy week this week. I like the twist (am guessing it’s being used for the first time) and look forward to the rest of the season. In regards to when I’d leave — only for medical reasons, I think.

  2. I really liked the twist also and there’s still so much mystery around it. Will the contestants voted live as a group? Will 2 of them face off in a challenge and eventually the person left standing will re-enter the game? Looking forward to see what happens!

    I must disagree with you on the mix of veterans and newcomers, I typically prefer seasons with only new contestants or all returnees so that everyone is starting on the same footing in a sense. I should have told you to tell Jeff at the reunion that I’m still hoping for a season will only contestants that were voted out first! I think that would be really interesting… except for the person who would get voted out first twice!

    • That’s an interesting premise, Charles! I’ve heard that it’s pretty rough for people to get voted out first–I wonder how many of them would actually return.

  3. While I haven’t watched Survivor in years, the twist sounds fascinating. It reminds me, in part, to an Exiled member in the game Dead of Winter. While that person may not rejoin the Colony, they have their own criteria for winning

  4. I dislike having a mix of show veterans and new contestants. Do I really need to see Joe carry his tribe in physical challenges involving throwing and shooting again? No – let someone else get some TV time.

    I think that most players have waited a long time for this chance to play Survivor, so I expect all of them to choose – stay in the game, live the dream. Unless someone has broken down mentally or physically I expect them all to stay in the game.

    The past few seasons have done a great job mixing in new types of rewards and challenges, including ones that must be played by certain dates/events. These new rewards remind me a little of a Legacy Game where the rules are changing throughout in a way that old school paths to victory no longer work as well. The shifting alliances from the past few seasons has been interesting to observe.

    We will see if people can remain silent about the hidden immunity idols that have been discovered this year, or if they share that news. I understand both strategic philosophies – just good theater either way.

  5. My wish, is that all the people that choose to stay, live on their own at a separate part of the island. A true test of endurance. And then, at the first tribal after the merge, all the ones that have stuck it out on their own, get bought back to a Tribal just before the vote. Pandemonium ensues. And then we see if those that have been voted out, form a tribe of true Survivors, and vote out those that thought they were in control. Thus bringing about their own Extinction.


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