Isn’t It Romantic?

I love pretty much everything about “Isn’t It Romantic?”, the new romantic comedy.

The premise is that Rebel Wilson plays a woman who grew up increasingly jaded about the airbrushed, happily-ever-after world presented to her by rom coms. Her life is the antithesis of these films, yet she’s acutely aware of them–at the beginning of the movie there’s a fun scene in which she lists a number of classic rom com tropes.

Then she hits her head, and she wakes up in the world we know from romantic comedies. New York is pristine and full of pink awnings and cupcake shops, every man Rebel meets is handsome and swoons over her, she suddenly has a flamboyantly gay best friend who is always available at a moment’s notice, and her close female coworker is suddenly a fierce rival.

There’s more–a lot more. I don’t want to spoil the plot, any other details about the world (nor her beguiling reaction to it), and all of the nods to specific moments in other romantic comedies. I will say that there are 2 musical numbers (perhaps 1 too many for my tastes), but the main one is everything I want in a musical number: It doesn’t take itself seriously at all while still being well choreographed, and moves the plot and the character forward. Honestly, some of the best moments in the movie are in that scene.

I really, really love this movie. If you like romantic comedies so much that you nitpick about the tropes in them, I truly think you’ll enjoy Isn’t It Romantic?. I think it may have moved into the #2 spot on my list of top 10 favorite rom coms.

If you’ve seen the movie, what’s your favorite moment? And if you watch one other romantic comedy this weekend, what will it be? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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