My Top 3 Saturday Night Live Sketches of the Week

Last night, SNL was hosted by someone named Halsey. I’ve never heard of her, but I thought she did a good job, and there were some solid sketches and bits. Here are my 3 favorites–all 3 of this hit close to home for me:

3. Instagram Couple

Despite cringing through this sketch (it reminded me of a few ex-girlfriends), I also laughed quite a bit. I love riffs on the huge difference between the perfection of social media posts and reality.

2. Parents Call

I call my parents every Sunday, but for a while, they would just call me whenever they wanted. We soon learned that didn’t work well. This sketch is quite exaggerated, yet I can relate to the idea of parents calling about something minor and then mentioning something much bigger as an aside.

1. State Meeting

I grew up in Virginia, and I can’t recall ever seeing a white person in blackface. But apparently I wasn’t hanging out with the current legislature–what in the world is going on? This sketch plays up the bewilderment I think a lot of people are experiencing right now:

What was your favorite SNL sketch this week?

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