Would You Attend a Stranger’s Bachelor Party?

I’ve never had a bachelor party of my own, though I’ve been to several for friends. One of the neat things about these parties, I’ve found, is that you get to meet all sorts of friends of the bachelor from different times and places in their life, which lets you learn a little more about the bachelor himself.

However, I think it’s pretty rare that there might be an attendee of a bachelor party who is a complete stranger to everyone at the party…including the bachelor himself.

That’s what happened recently when the organizer of a bachelor party misspelled an e-mail address, accidentally inviting a stranger to the party. The stranger’s reply all response? “f**cking count me in!”

The full story is in the video below, but I think my favorite part is that Will, the accidental invitee, was asked to provide a photo of himself to show that he wasn’t a crazy ax murder. In response, he sent a photo of himself from second grade doing karate.

So, a couple questions (and my answers, but I’d love to hear yours):

  1. If you were accidentally invited to a stranger’s bachelor/bachelorette party, would you go? (I probably would not, as I’m not a “life of the party” kind of guy, and I feel like that would be an important asset if you’re thrown into a group of random people. I’m also not much of a “party” guy.)
  2. If an amusing stranger was accidentally invited to your bachelor/bachelorette party, would you let them attend? (Maybe for a small part of it if they lived in town? It already seems like a big responsibility to help connect your friends from various walks of life, much less a random stranger.)

What do you think?