Do You Leave Your Cell Phone on at Night?

A few nights ago, a friend on the east coast woke me up with a text at 11:30 pm. It wasn’t urgent–he just had some fun news to share.

Several weeks before that, a business partner in France texted me at 3:00 am. In the morning I asked him not to text me so late at night, and he said he turns his phone off at night, so he thought I’d just see it in the morning.

As grumpy as I get about these late-night texts, I wonder if he has a point. Do most people turn their phone off (or silent mode) at night? If so, is it socially acceptable to text people even super late at night, assuming that you won’t be disturbing them?

(Sidenote: I don’t ever actually want someone to text me at any time about anything. I much prefer e-mail.)

This chain of thought has led me to wonder why I keep my phone on at night. I tell myself that it’s for emergencies, but there’s such a slim chance of an emergency happening that I need to know about. Nay, I think the real reason is that I’m afraid I’ll forget to switch my phone back on in the morning.

Do you leave your phone on at night, or is it silent during your sleeping hours?