What Did You Think About Captain Marvel?

I knew from the minute it was announced that I wanted to see a Captain Marvel movie. I knew very little about the character, but I loved the idea of a female-led superhero film (especially after how much I enjoyed Wonder Woman). So I avoided trailers and was giddy with excitement as the lights dimmed at the Hi Pointe Theater today.

I’ll mention some light spoilers below, but for now, I’ll just say that I had a lot of fun watching the movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. If you saw it, I hope you enjoyed it too.


Here are my favorite elements of the movie:

  • I love the order in which the story is told. The story easily could have been organized linearly, but I found this way much more appealing.
  • I think this might be my favorite use of shapeshifting or “masks” in a movie. The Krull aren’t constantly changing shape–in fact, it appears almost painful for them to do so. Nor are they eager to give away their identity. This kept me guessing and paying attention in every scene. It also gave us some fun moments like the old lady battle in the train.
  • I thought the twist was amazing. I suspected that there was some kind of twist, but that definitely wasn’t my guess. Whenever there’s a big twist in a movie, I review the events that led up to it to see if they’re manipulative or consistent, and for the most part they seem pretty consistent (any instance of the Krulls actually trying to kill Danvers would have been inconsistent).
  • I love that Danvers starts off really powerful from the beginning…and then she unleashes her full power in stages in the final 20 minutes, making for a truly thrilling conclusion.
  • I smiled several times at the connections between the movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. The two movies go hand-in-hand, and not in the order they were released.
  • The cat was, of course, the best.
  • I thought the acting was great. Brie Larson is always wonderful, and it was fun to have a lot of Samuel L. Jackson in the movie. Even under all of the makeup/digital effects, some of Krulls had some expressive moments.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but those are my overall impressions. What did you think?