Do You Want to Own a Vacation Home?

In a random conversation a few days ago, I realized that I have absolutely no interest in owning a vacation home.

A few reasons came to mind right away, some kind of unique to me, and some more general:

  • Vacations aren’t important to me, as I do what I love for a living. At any given time, there are few things I’d rather do than work, and vacations aren’t one of those things.
  • For me–and perhaps for others–the types of things I’d do on vacation are things I can just as easily do within a half-mile radius of my own home. I would play board games and maybe some lawn games, take a nap whenever I want to, perhaps go a little crazy and partake in a hard root beer. I could literally do any of those things within 10 minutes of this moment if I wanted to.
  • There’s a lot of upkeep! I barely want to clean my own home, much less take care of a second property.
  • They seem expensive. I’m sure the price varies based on location, but it’s almost certainly higher than $0, plus the expense of actually getting there.

To be fair, here are a few reasons I can think of why people might want to have vacation homes:

  • For people who love vacations, having a place they know they can always go to probably feels pretty great. It’s a physical manifestation of “not work.”
  • If you gain fulfillment and happiness by hosting people, having a vacation home might be a great fit. For several years, I spent a weekend each summer at a friend’s parent’s lake house. The parents and the friends really seemed to enjoy hosting people at their home, and they made it a wonderful experience for us. That’s where the photos in this post were taken.
  • It has the potential to be an investment property if you rent it out to others or eventually sell it for more than it’s worth.
  • Perhaps it’s nice to have a group of regular “vacation friends” who are completely different than your normal friends.

So while they’re not for me, I can understand the appeal for some people. What’s your perspective? Do you own a vacation home or hope to own one someday? Why or why not?