How Often Is Your Hair the Perfect Length?

I’ve spent a significant portion of my life waiting for things to be the right length, and I’ve recently decided to make a change.

I have two examples of this, one of which I solved a while ago. The first is that when I was growing up, my parents would often obtain clothes (lots of hand-me-downs, some homemade clothes, and others from Goodwill and Marshalls’–we were a frugal family) that I would “grow into.”

I understand the logic of this, but it meant that most of my clothes were oversized. In fact, I never grew into most of my clothes, partially due to me wanting to wear less baggy clothes, and partially because I never had a huge growth spurt (I’m 5’10” now).

Of course, at a certain point I stopped growing, so only having clothes I would grow into no longer became an issue.

That leaves haircuts. Haircuts for guys are a tricky thing, because you can either (a) get your hair cut too short, and eventually it’ll grow to the length you really want it for maybe a week before it grows too long and you get it cut again or (b) get your hair cut the exact length you want it, but then within a week or so it’s too long, and then it gets much too long because you don’t want to get a hair cut a few weeks after the last cut.

While this is very low on the list of first-world problems, it has been a minor annoyance for most of my life. But then one day I realized something while reading about a movie production. Scenes in movies are shot out of order of the span of many months, so for continuity the actors need to get frequent haircuts from the on-set stylists.

I don’t have a personal stylist, but I do have my own razor. So I decided to start cutting my own hair–something I’ve done on occasion for many years–every few weeks. That way my hair is pretty much always the length I prefer.

I know this is a little thing, but little things often make a big difference in terms of how we feel about ourselves. Plus, there’s a sense of empowerment to it. I was worried this habit would be time consuming, but I’ve gotten it down to about 10-15 minutes. Not bad at all.

This came to mind for a blog post because my 3-week cut came up the other day (see photo here).

Can you relate to this? The idea of hair growing in, growing into clothes, etc?

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  1. Daniel Newman says:

    i’ve been cutting my own hair for years (most of that was just buzzing it down to 1/8″ all over, but lately i’ve been just doing the sides and back and letting the top grow long). it’s definitely empowering. my subconscious reminds me to cut my hair, too – i often have dreams about my hair growing fast or way too long around the time i’m overdue for a trim. and i always feel way better after i take the time to do it.

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