Who Is Your Doppleganger?

I walked into an Easter brunch gathering today, and the first thing my best friend’s dad–a man who’s known me since I was 4 years old–said was, “You’re on The Code!”

It took a few minutes to figure out what he was talking about. Apparently there is a TV show called The Code (a show on which I am not an actor, as far as I know), and there is an actor who my friend’s dad says “looks like a younger me.”

I kind of rolled my eyes, because I think we all like to think we’re handsome or pretty enough to be confused with a professional actor, but it’s always a huge stretch. So I pulled out my phone and searched for The Code, and here’s who appeared:

What?! This dude (an actor named Luke Mitchell) actually does look strikingly similar to a younger me. Feel free to disagree, but I’ve seen myself a lot, and when I first saw this photo, I legitimately thought for a second that it was a photo of me from 10 years ago.

I went back and looked for photos from that time, and I’m smiling in all of them, so I don’t have a perfect 1:1 match, but here’s the closest I could find:

I wish I had an older photo from the same angle of me not smiling, because it really is a bit uncanny. Perhaps Luke and I share the right mix of Irish, Polish, and German.

Have you ever stumbled upon a celebrity photo that looks strikingly similar to you at a certain point of your life? Who is your celebrity doppleganger?

13 thoughts on “Who Is Your Doppleganger?”

  1. I’ve never figured out mine! Any ideas? So few celebrities embrace/accept natural curly hair that I have a hard time finding one. Also, although I have never thought it was an uncanny resemblance, Colin Jost always reminds me of you a little bit.

    • That’s a good question, Emma. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a celebrity that made me think of you, but I can’t recall when I thought that. Offhand, I think Keri Russell is the closest.

    • Yes, I’ve always thought Colin Jost was a pretty close match for Jamey! I thought that’s who this post was going to be about, actually. The biggest difference is that Colin’s face seems seems wider (fuller?) at the jawline.

  2. It looks pretty close to me!

    For me, Lena Dunham, not so much face, but body type. Until girls I had never really seen my body type represented, and I have to say, it was gratifying in an unexpected way. I know her nude scenes especially are controversial, but for a fat girl, her doing that, without any apology, and despite the criticism that must be withering, she continued to do it, and it means something to me, especially now as I am mom to a fat daughter.

    Norms around fat are changing but it still remains phobic in a lot of ways. When I was young I was told I will not be able to find love being fat. I took that to heart, and it was true to a large extent, or at least it made dating much much harder. Now things are much more open, and there are so many fat role models like Aidy Bryant, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, who are writing and playing fat in different ways. But science shows, just seeing fat bodies in different (and sexual) contexts makes people accept those bodies more.

    Just writing and using the word “fat” without freaking out, is a huge step for me, and one that took a long time to get comfortable with. Now I use it without caring, purely as descriptive, and it does not have emotional resonance in the same way. So yay!!!

    • Candy, I don’t know you but I appreciate your comment! Both Girls and then more recently, Aidy Bryant’s latest show, Shrill, helped me have a new appreciation for the word “fat” and this conversation in our society in general.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Candy! I watched Girls throughout its run, and it’s neat to hear your perspective on how Lena Dunham approached nudity on the show.

  3. A few years ago, I heard some people comment that I look Rachel McAdams, specifically during her roles in Mean Girls and The Notebook (which I’ve still never seen). I’ve never really noticed the resemblance, with the exception of one picture from about 5 years ago.

    Growing up, there was another girl in my town/surrounding community that I never met, but would always hear from friends at school that they saw me at X place over the weekend. Once I did see the real doppelgänger while at dinner with my family, but she was across the restaurant and I never got the chance to have an in person meeting. In that moment, I could see the resemblance, down to almost the same glasses and outfit that day.

  4. Much younger I felt that I had lots of similarities to Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers, Elementary) but in my later years I find that I’d resemble more of a Woody Harrelson type.


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