My Thoughts on the Game of Thrones Finale (spoilers)

I thought about writing this last night, immediately after the finale ended, but I wanted to process the episode a bit before sharing my perspective.

I should preface this with a disclaimer that may or may not matter to you: I tend to give shows I love the benefit of the doubt. It’s exceptionally rare that I’m disappointed by a series finale, as I want to like it. That’s just me. I liked the Lost finale. I appreciated the Seinfeld finale. Fringe. The Office. Parks and Rec. The Sopranos. And so on.

So, no big surprise for the Game of Thrones finale: I really liked it. I was satisfied by the conclusion of all the events that led to Dany dying and Bran becoming king. It felt good to see so many characters I cared about rise up in the world to make a pivotal decision. I smiled as the Jon, Arya, and Sansa walked into their respective futures, and I laughed at the comments made during the first new king’s council meeting.

I was worried that there would be a big twist, something done for shock value, and pleased that the writers didn’t do that. I also though the episode was strikingly beautiful, particularly the image of the wings unfolding behind the Mother of Dragons.

It also made me really want to watch an Arya spinoff. Can they do that instead of venturing back into history? I think part of the reason the world is so interesting is because there’s a history to it that we feel but don’t see.

I said that I was satisfied with Bran becoming king, but that isn’t entirely true. I’m fine with it, and I like Tyrion’s argument that it might be good to have a system in place where rulers aren’t inherited. My ultimate preference, though, would have been for them to decide not to have a monarch at all. Why have a single position with so much power for people to covet and fight over?

I respect and understand if you feel differently about the finale, and you’re welcome to express your opinions as such in the comments. What did you think?