My Top 3 Saturday Night Live Sketches from Adam Sandler’s Return

This Saturday, Adam Sandler appeared on Saturday Night Live for the first time in something like 24 years. I’m more of a fan of Sandler’s movies (Happy Gilmore in particular) than of his SNL sketches, so I was curious how I’d enjoy him as a host.

Overall, I thought it was a solid episode. There’s one sketch that was by far my favorite, though. It’s “Romano Tours,” featuring Sandler as a tour guide company owner whose promotions are full of important disclaimers:

My second favorite sketch is a song, which is a shocker for me, as I rarely laugh at musical comedy. It’s about Chris Farley, and it’s a mix of funny, sweet, and sad.

Finally, my third favorite sketch didn’t even make it onto live TV. It’s a “Chad” sketch, a character that fits perfectly with Sandler’s droll comedic approach

What did you think of Sandler’s return? Did you have a favorite sketch? Also, if you like sketch comedy, I’d highly recommend the new Netflix show, “I Think You Should Leave.” You’ll know within the first 15 minutes if it’s a show for you.