Where Do You Draw the Line with Movie Recommendations to Your Parents?

Today I was having my weekly phone call with my parents, and I mentioned that I was going to see a new romantic comedy called Long Shot. To my surprise, they had heard of it–apparently they recently read an article that compared it to a role-reversal Pretty Woman, a movie they really enjoy.

So as scene after scene of the movie charmed and delighted me, I found myself thinking, “I can’t wait to recommend this to my parents!” While that was happening, I was also wondering if certain scenes were parent-friendly (my parents, at least). There’s a considerable amount of adult humor and situations.

At a certain point, I knew it wasn’t a movie I would be comfortable watching with my parents, but I still felt good about the recommendation. That is, until it happens.

I really think this is an excellent, highly entertaining movie, so I’m not going to spoil what “it” is. You’ll probably know it when you see it–it involves a webcam.

When it happened, my heart sank. The movie had drawn the line for me–as funny as the scene is to me, I just can’t imagine my parents being anything but disgusted by it.

I’m curious if you’ve experienced this when watching a movie, particularly from the perspective of recommending it to your parents. Where do you draw the line? Are there movies you love that you simply won’t recommend to your parents? Or do you just tell them why you might be hesitant and let them decide for themselves?

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