Do You Wear Socks with Your Shoes?

This is an odd question to ask, but there’s a reason for it.

I own two pairs of shoes (sneakers and dress shoes) that I wear on a regular basis. I recently learned that there’s a third category of shoes between the two of them–they’re not dress shoes, but they’re nicer than sneakers. So I went online shopping for them over the course of a week.

During that time, I was flooded with Instagram and Facebook ads for shoes, and I noticed a trend. See if you can spot it:

See it? None of these shoe models are wearing socks.

Maybe I’m way behind on fashion, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn closed-toe shoes without also wearing socks. It would be really uncomfortable for me to have the various ridges of the shoe rubbing directly against my skin–I’m sure I’d get blisters all the time if I did.

Yet it’s so prevalent in these ads that I have to wonder: Am I in the minority here? Do most people not use socks when they wear shoes? Or is this just something that looks better in photos but isn’t actually implemented in real life?

I’ll post a poll below, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comments. Are there any other common “model tropes” that make you wonder if you’re wearing clothes differently than other people?

8 thoughts on “Do You Wear Socks with Your Shoes?”

  1. Just to show how many of us immediately thought of no-show socks, I’m adding my comment to the chain. Jamey, I believe the conundrum is solved. With your new, fashionable shoes, you may want to invest in some no-show socks so you can be as trendy yet blister free as the foot models you wish to emulate.

  2. I must be out of date on no-show sock technology! I have low socks, but I didn’t realize there were some that were completely invisible from an outsider’s perspective.

  3. I fall squarely in the “sometimes” category as I’ve owned loafers for more than 35 years and these I only wear socks in early Spring or late fall (never in the Summer and not even worn in the Winter)


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