3 Fun Videos I Liked on YouTube Recently

In case you missed these recent YouTube videos, here are a few that made me smile, laugh, and/or think recently:

Kumail Nanjiani Can’t Make It to Conan

A few days ago, actor Kumail Nanjiana was scheduled to appear on the late-night show Conan, but something came up on the set of Silicon Valley that prevented him from making it. Conan and his staff only learned of this 30 minutes before they taped the show, so no amount of scrambling was enough to find a last-minute replacement.

So Conan leaned into it and filmed a 9-minute, good-natured segment about what happened and how he wasn’t really sure what would happen next. It culminated in him revealing that instead of showing a clip from Nanjiana’s movie, Stuber, he would instead show a clip of a competing movie (a little-known movie called The Lion King).

I love behind-the-scenes stuff like this, especially when it goes off script.

VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGI 4

This video is more fascinating than fun. As the title suggests, it features a few special effects experts looking at clips from various movies and picking apart (and often complimenting) the CGI. My favorite part is when they look at a famous shot from early in the movie Contact and talk about how it was made.

The ‘Full House” When Aunt Becky’s Kids Cheated Their Way into School

In a cruel twist of fate, it turns out that there’s an episode of Full House where Aunt Becky–played by actress Lori Loughlin, who has been accused of bribing university officials to get her daughter into USC–works with her husband to cheat their twins’ way into preschool. Yes, it rubs salt in the wound…but it’s just too good of a coincidence to avoid comedic comparisons.

What’s the best video you’ve seen recently?

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  1. Stephen says:

    Probably https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9JX1_BOFS0, in which professional video game animator Dan Floyd’s starts playing Hollow Knight, and his reactions to the first half hour or so are utterly delightful (The second video of this series is already up, though he isn’t as overwhelmed by cute in that one)

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