Would You Wear Clothing Made of Dog or Cat Hair?

A few days ago on Instagram, I posted this photo of my long-haired cat, Walter:

That’s just from brushing one side of his belly for a few minutes (he hasn’t been grooming his sides as well as he should). I was surprised by the amount of fur and how nice and soft it was.

Alert reader Charles pointed out on Instagram that there’s a service called Knit Your Dog where you can put all that pet fur to use. You simply “harvest” hair from your dog, send it to the website, and they turn it into yarn (and then into an accessory of your choice).

I’m not sure if Walter has enough hair to make this possible or if I would wear something made out of his hair, but the idea of Knit Your Dog made me smile. Walter could finally earn his keep!

Would you ever use a service like Knit Your Dog? What Walter-fur garment would you wear?

6 thoughts on “Would You Wear Clothing Made of Dog or Cat Hair?”

  1. No. not for me. I have had grooming clients who have had me save their dog’s hair for that purpose though. I have seen vests made out of husky hair. I just don’t think it’s my thing.

  2. There’s also services that turn pet hair into diamonds! Or ashes, if your pet has gone over the rainbow bridge and you had them cremated.

    I would like to have a diamond made from Ski’s fur and then put into a custom setting.

  3. Hmmm…the idea of a shirt made of cat fur sounds a little gross to me, although I can’t put my finger on why that’s any different than a sheep. If I were to wear some of Walter’s fur, I’d probably opt for mittens. (Something about kittens and mittens–they just go together.)

    Upon reviewing the other comments, however, if someone were to somehow spin Walter’s fur into a diamond (is this some cat version of Rumplestiltskin?), I’d opt for Helen’s suggestion of a diamond!

  4. I would definitely wear something from Walter. His coloring would make a good pairing with my Penny sweater and my Margo socks. 🙂

  5. I’m actually allergic to my long haired cat, I just love her enough to ignore those consquences. I’m not sure I would love clothes made out of her fur enough to want to ignore the consquences all day though. I’d probably have to pass unless they somehow got rid of any remaining dander during the process.


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