Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Just over 10 years ago, during the Hollywood writer’s strike, a few talented actors used their spare time to create and release a movie called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I heard about it around that time, but me being me, I saw the words “sing-along” in the title and dismissed it–unfairly–as “not for me.”

Boy was I wrong.

After much gentle coaxing by Megan, I finally watched Dr. Horrible, and I was absolutely delighted by it. It’s the story of Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris), who is trying to navigate his conflicting desires to become a supervillain and his affection for a woman he sees at his laundromat.

It’s funny, it’s charming, it’s well acted…it’s just so good.

Most surprisingly of all for me, it’s full of excellent musical numbers that (a) progress the story, (b) are genuinely catchy, (c) are quite funny, and (b) for the most part don’t break for dance routines. There’s also a really nice balance between talking and singing. Basically, it does everything I want musicals to do.

I know I’m literally a decade late on this, but if you’re among the few people out there who haven’t heard of Dr. Horrible, I highly recommend finding and watching it. It’s only about 45 minutes long, which caught me off guard, as the story arc definitely wasn’t what I expected it to be because I thought there was 45 more minutes to follow.

Have you seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog? What’s your favorite part in it?

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  1. Jesse H says:

    I love Dr. Horrible. Glad you finally caught up with it. It’s brilliant. There’s so many classic bits there, but when a beaten Dr. Evil bemoans the fact that the police AND Captain Hammer watch his blog (he threw a car at me), I always laugh. Great stuff.

  2. Andhegames says:

    I love love love Dr. Horrable. The music/acting/writing is fantastic, and I love that it’s a tragedy.

  3. Brent Keath says:

    Love Dr. Horrible. I rewatch it about once every year (and often listen to the soundtrack in the background at least once a month). My favorite part is the song “My Eyes” where you see Penny and De. Horrible have the same goals but different ways of looking at them and their circumstances have brought them to both take action in opposite directions. Such a deep story and i notice new nuances everytime i watch it. Such a good movie… i may have to watch it again tomorrow now that I’m thinking about it again…

  4. “Four sweater vests!”

    PS. Joss Whedon was hugely inspired by what Felica Day had accomplished with her web series “The Guild”. Launched in 2007, it was funded by fans via PayPal (Kickstarter didn’t exist yet). Episodes are only a few minutes long, so it’s not a big commitment to give Season 1 ago, or in fact, to watch all 6. I obviously recommend.


  5. Dusty Craine says:

    The more we hear about Megan the more I like her. That’s a great recommendation. I loved Dr. Horrible. I like the push and pull with Captain Hammer. How he’s always getting the better of Dr. Horrible. It’s probably been 10 years since I saw it last, but I can still see some of the scenes in my head, even if I can’t quite remember the songs. I did for a long while though.

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