Have You Ever Bought a Custom Suit?

My entire life, I’ve owned maybe 4 suits, and all of them were bought off the shelf. The size of the suit on me was the size of the off the shelf–nothing custom, no alterations.

That’s been a perfectly fine way to live, especially since I rarely wear my current suit (I’ve had it for over 10 years). But for a long time I’ve had just a little bit of envy for suits that fit really well.

So with two upcoming weddings, I decided to take the plunge and buy a custom-fitted suit. As is the way of the internet, I started to see ads for Indochino, an online suit company, and I gave it a try.

The premise is really elegant: You go on the Indochino website and select the suit. Afterwards, the site uses a video tutorial to walk you through around 17 measurements all over your body, and they use those measurements to craft your suit.

This procedure is best implemented with the help of someone else, as it’s tough to measure the length of your own arm (for example). My girlfriend was out of town when I decided to embark upon this process, though, so I thought it would be a good idea to do it myself.

Overall, I did a pretty good job. But pretty good isn’t good enough when it comes to a suit that is supposed to be precisely crafted for my specific body. My biggest mistake was with the length of the sleeves, as you can see in the attached photo.

But here’s where I need to commend Indochino even further: When I contacted them about the jacket, they asked me to identify the issue and take a few photos. A few weeks later, they sent me a corrected jacket, along with a label to send the original jacket back to them (hopefully they’ll still be able to use parts of it). I was really impressed by that level of free service, especially when I was offering to pay for my mistake.

I’m curious if you’ve ever purchased a custom suit (or dress), especially if you tried it online. How was your experience?

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Bought a Custom Suit?”

  1. I have. You’d think that the best part would be a suit that fits you precisely, but I think the best part is being able to make little tweaks that truly personalize the garment — a unique jacket liner, unusual buttons, contrasting stitches around a lapel button hole, a fun monogram or message stitched inside …

  2. I did, many years when I was in the real estate business. Now, granted that was nearly three decades ago, but they were pricey then. Admittedly, they were very nice but I have to take with a grain of salt the advice from an elitist minded attorney who had others from into his head the need for a custom suit. My body has changed over the past quarter century, for the good, fortunately due to a number of years in the service, but I can’t ever again seeing myself spending that kind of money for a suit.


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