Pizza by the Slice (Pet Please #157)

I’ve recently discovered the sheer amount of love I have for pizza by the slice.

While I’ve had a few encounters with it over the last month or so, it really hit home after I was rock climbing with Megan on Saturday. I was starting to get hungry by the end of it, and we had decided to get pizza afterwards, but I was a little anxious that the new-to-me restaurant would require a long time to make the pizza.

But that wasn’t the case. Pie Guy in St. Louis offers pizza by the slice. All you do is indicate the number of slices, they heat them up, and they serve you within a few minutes. It was amazing.

Here’s specifically why I love pizza by the slice so much:

  1. It’s pizza. Inherently we’re off to a good start. This isn’t broccoli by the slice or prunes by the slice–it’s pizza. I love pizza.
  2. It’s fast. I get a little anxious at mealtimes when restaurants are involved, because I never really know how long the process of sitting down, ordering, and receiving the food will take. I’ve gotten better at this, but it has it’s roots in me getting migraines if I didn’t eat at consistent times every day.
  3. It’s precise. I love that you can order exactly what you want without stuffing yourself. Typically the slices are pretty big, so I only order one, but it’s nice to have the option to go back and order another if I’m still hungry. Of course, there are no leftovers, which I also love, but that’s okay.
  4. It’s friendly. Have you ever had a debate with your friends or family about which toppings to get? Usually someone ends up compromising. Not so with pizza by the slice. Each person gets exactly what they want from among the available options.

How do you feel about pizza by the slice? Do you have a favorite by-the-slice pizzeria?

My full list of pet pleases is here.

2 thoughts on “Pizza by the Slice (Pet Please #157)”

  1. I once went to Johns pizza in NYC. They don’t sell by the slice….as indicated on their menus…shirts…cards…and signage all over the restaurant.

    “No Slices!”

    No worries…I had just walked 20+ blocks to get there after a 12 hour shift so much to the either amusement or horror (or both) of the father/daughter duo sitting at the booth across from me – I proceeded to eat a whole entire pie…before walking 20+ blocks back to my hotel.

    Prooooobably not a good idea though if you’re trying to make a good impression on company. LOL

  2. Jamey,

    I love pizza by the slice, as well…and having been born in raised in the Philly area, I know better than most about good pizza. In addition to the three reasons you cited, I would add that if you’re still hungry, you can try another slice with a different set of toppings…you’re not committed to the entire pie being the same.



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