What Do You Look for in a House or Condo?

First, just to be clear: I’m very happy with my condo, as are my feline roommates, Biddy and Walter. But I’m probably not going to live here forever, especially since I bought the place around 15 years ago.

Just for fun, I’ve been skimming through Zillow in my free time. And I’m realizing that I know some things about what I’d want in a future home, but not all things. I’m so entrenched in my current living situation that I don’t know what to look for.

So today I thought I’d mention what I know about my preferences, and I’d love to hear some of yours. I know it’s highly subjective, but hearing yours will help me ask more of the right questions.

  • located in a safe area
  • dedicated parking space(s) (bonus if they allow for electric cars), ample parking for guests
  • ideally within walking distance to some attractions (grocery store, restaurant, gym, etc)
  • fairly close to a highway and not far from friends
  • built-in bookcases (not a dealbreaker, but I like them)
  • not a fixer-upper
  • plenty of counter/shelf/drawer space in kitchen
  • room for 3 gaming tables
  • nice closet space
  • some storage space
  • a good place for cats to poop that is not in the middle of social areas
  • 2 bathrooms
  • big shower
  • pleasant, quiet neighbors
  • accessible for courier delivery (I work from home)
  • some sort of outside lounging space (porch, deck, etc)
  • something secret (I love secret panels/doors/rooms)
  • central air
  • near pick-up soccer fields (nice to have)

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of technical stuff I’m missing, like the pipes and wires in the walls that I know very little about.

What do you look for in a house or condo?

8 thoughts on “What Do You Look for in a House or Condo?”

  1. I chose my house because of the following:
    Large, fenced yard for a dog (Daisy approves)
    A detached room (became the game room)
    Within walking distance to town
    Close to my parents (but not too close)
    Fully furnished (I didn’t have much after college)

  2. As I’m about 5 years from retiring, this question is now front and center with my girlfriend and me. I’ve had the white picket fence, but I loathe yardwork, I had a dining room in previous homes, but do not see their utility in my future, and most likely, last home. Fortunately, Ping ķ. agrees with nearly all of my requirements and I do with hers.

    Here’s our list:

    • Large Kitchen that opens into a Gaming Area
    ▪︎ Modern, with undermount sink
    ▪︎ Stainless appliances
    • Two Bathrooms (at least)
    • Two Bedooms
    ▪︎ Master Bath with ensuite bathroom
    ▪︎ Study
    • If a condo
    ▪︎Fitness Room
    ▪︎ A place to entertain
    ▪︎ Pool
    • If a House or townhouse
    ▪︎ Ample Parking
    ▪︎ Close proximity to restaurants
    ▪︎ Safe running paths

  3. If a house – a LARGE storage shed and nice attic storage space. There’s never enough storage area. And if you have a nice yard you will need space for yard maintenance (mower, edger, blower, etc.) unless you plan to hire yard maintenance instead.

  4. I have to ask the question: Why specifically 3 gaming tables? Does each one have its own purpose (ie, a playtesting table)? Or is it just for being able to have several games going at game night?

  5. We have been thinking about this a lot lately, because after moving into our townhouse three years ago, we realized our neighbor kid was out of control. We are trying to get money together to move now, so that as he gets older he doesn’t do really damage to our house or our family. (So far he has paint-balled our garage and spray painted a wonderful tapestry of inappropriate drawings on our house)
    With that in mind, here is my list:
    -Safe neighborhood
    -Good schools
    -Relatively low commute, but not in the same neighborhood as I teach
    -Quiet/low maintenance neighbors or space between us and neighbors
    – Good space for litter boxes
    -Space for our individual get aways (Will to work, me to paint/decompress)
    -Enough storage
    -Back yard with space for hammock
    -Two car garage with access to plugs for electric cars
    -Good closest space
    -Kitchens with counter space and storage space
    -Close to favorite restaurants/ game stores
    -Space for our large game table and shelving for games.

  6. We’ve been looking at Zillow lot as we think about buying (probably not for a year and a half or so still). I actually like your list quite a bit. Other things I’d mention that I find I care about a lot

    -At least two bathrooms with showers. With two humans getting ready in the morning, it’s so much easier if we each have our own bathroom with everything we need to do so.

    -Centralized air. I really value my climate control
    -A room that can work as a game room that’s separate from a dining/living room. It’s nice to have both and not swap between them. Bonus points if this room is also somewhat separate such as in a basement (ideally with windows still) so that I could potentially host and Tiffany can have normal space without guests or vice versa.

    -A large jet tub. This definitely falls into the optional category but sometimes a relaxing soak is really nice but it’s not worth it for the maintenance required for a hot tub.

  7. Sorry for the slow reply, but I really appreciate all of these ideas! I definitely see some to add to my list. 🙂


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