What’s Your Favorite Pair of Pajama Pants?

Back in 2013, I stopped wearing pants to work.

Technically, what I meant is that I started working for myself from home, so pants became an option instead of a necessity. But what I found is that I like feeling at least a little professional in my attire as I hunch over my computer all day…comfy, but professional.

As a result, I mostly wear pajama pants as I work from home. They’ve ranged from old-school pajama pants to sweatpants to bamboo fiber pants.

From the first to the last, they’ve always been very inexpensive. Like, $10 or less. Why? I just figured that if they’re the type of pants I wear when no one can see me, why would I spend much on them?

But there’s another perspective that I’ve discovered in recent years with shoes and jeans: If you use something almost every day, it’s worth the expense of getting something great instead of settling for something decent.

That brings me to the ninja pants.

Yes, ninja pants! I love American Ninja Warrior, and a few seasons ago I noticed a few of the ninjas wearing a specific type of pant. It looked cool, but when I looked them up and found that they were $80+, I sighed and went back to my $10 pajama pants.

But then I started this whole rock climbing thing (plus, the new season of ANW is awesome), so I recently decided to splurge and get a pair of ninja pants. And I’m telling you, I wish I had done this years ago, because they are amazing.

They’re everything I want in a work-at-home pant. They’re super flexible and comfy, but I also like the way they look. They have deep pockets (some pajama pants have pockets so shallow that my phone would consistently fall out of them), and the material they’re made out of feels like a sweet Hawaiian breeze. Oh, and I get to feel like an American Ninja Warrior when I walk around in them.

I like them so much that I haven’t even worn them rock climbing, as I want to save them for working at home!

If you’re looking for this style of pant, I highly recommend Pi Movement’s ninja pants. Or, if you’ve already found your favorite pair of work-from-home pants, I’d love to learn more about them in the comments!

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Pair of Pajama Pants?”

  1. I will have to look into ANW pants…..

    Currently I get to wear pajamas to work. Technically, they’re scrubs, but they’re pretty close to pajamas. I have several sets for work, but once they get too “worn out” to look professional, the scrubs become great “dirty work” clothes…working on my car, doing any messy home repairs etc. They’re breathable durable and once they’ve achieved “dirty work” status, it’s ok to get paint, oil grease on them.

    Two asides…. I have a friend who competed on this year’s ANW. She completed her hometown competition and earned a spot on the recent Baltimore episode ( early June was the air date). Although her run wasn’t televised, she was seen briefly cheering for another contestant from Rochester. The coolest thing… she’s just a regular person who decided to train for it and Boom! She got to do it!!

    Second, I recently posted a comment on a YouTube video, and received back a reply that I’d misspelled a word. I was wondered what is that person’s motivation for doing so. It really bothered me for a bit, then I went back to read your post on A Modest Proposal regarding this type of occurrence. I agree with you 100%.

    • Nice! I’ve considered scrubs as my work-from-home pants, though I haven’t ever tried them.

      That’s really cool about your friend! Well done to her for giving it a try.


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