Which of These Culinary Delights Do You Want the Most?

I’ve had pretty good luck with delicious food lately, food that spans a pretty broad spectrum. For fun, today I thought I’d share some of these dishes–let me know which one you want to eat the most right now!

Our journey begins with boozy slushies from Narwhal. I’ve gone the entire summer without a Slurpee (thanks, healthy diet), so these were a real treat. I love the sampler, as you get to try 3 different flavors for $11. Because the drinks are constantly mixed in separate machines, it takes less than a minute after your order to get the drinks. Megan and I tried 6 of them, and we need to go back to try the others. Have you tried boozy slushies?

My company’s Italian partners were in St. Louis recently, so we treated them to a classic American dinner at an east coast themed restaurant called Peacemaker. Peacemaker is known for their lobster rolls. They’re pricey, but they’re so good. Also, I don’t usually get excited about restaurant chips, but these are amazing. We all ended up ordering the exact same thing. What’s your favorite restaurant chip?

I’m comfortable in the kitchen, but I have a few friends who are truly talented cooks. One of them invited us over for paella recently, and he made it using a cast-iron pan on a charcoal grill. The smokey flavor infused through the entire dish, and I loved the crunchy rice that stuck to the bottom of the pan. Have you ever cooked a dish like this on a grill?

Okay, this one really surprised me. I ate a lot of carrots as a kid, but I never thought I’d actually order them at a restaurant. But after trying Yellowbelly’s cooked carrots last month, I knew I had to get them again. They’re sprinkled with eel sauce, peanuts, and chimichuri. I highly recommend them if you like carrots. Also, their biscuits are amazing.

Last, and perhaps most unexpected, I have to give a nod to these chocolate peanut butter pie Oreos. While they’re not nearly as good as actual chocolate peanut butter pie, they’re pretty darn addictive. What’s your favorite Oreo flavor?

I hope you’ve had some interesting and delicious culinary delights in your life recently!

7 Responses to “Which of These Culinary Delights Do You Want the Most?”

  1. Baker Mitchell says:

    Adult slushie drinks seem to be fairly popular here in Seaside and are surprisingly good.

    That paella looks delicious! I used to have a Big Green Egg, and the hype is deserved! I used to do the Thanksgiving Turkey on the grill and while we ate Dinner I’d make a peach cobbler dump cake, in a Dutch oven, on the grill. The sugar at the bottom and top edges would caramelize.

    But…. out of those foods you listed, the carrots are what I’d want to try the most. They look and sound fantastic.

    Favorite Oreo? Now my kids know me as an Oreo monster, my wife has to hide them from me lest they disappear before anyone else gets them. But my favorite….. it’s a tie, classic Oreo and the golden Oreo.

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      I’m impressed by the turkey! For some reason I’ve never tried to make one.

      • The turkey turns out pretty well, and it’s fairly simple. Coat with a dry rub, spatchcock the turkey and cook with breast side down for an hour and then flip and cook another hour. It’s easy to find lots of recipes for cooking a turkey on a big green egg ( or similarly styled grill).

        After the first year we did it, my wife said from now on I get to always make the turkey on the grill, it’s better than in The oven and it frees up an oven.

        If you don’t have a grill, look into a green egg type of grill. I researched them for about a year before I got one. I am no grill expert, but the first time I grilled a chicken it was impressive. Usually I find grilled chicken dry or just not very good and in need of lots of bbq sauce…. but this was flavorful and moist. After that it was homemade pizzas, steaks, fajitas, veggies, bread, just about anything. Using the BGE became a fun part of the meal.

        Bon appetit!

  2. Mary Gahagan says:

    Seeing your Oreo picture reminded me that we played a super fun game last week. It’s called “what kind of Oreo did I just eat?”

    They came from China, (ordered off Amazon) and were the following flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, tropical mango, blueberry, wasabi cream, spicy chicken wings, and seaweed with salt.

    They were exactly as good as they sound.

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