Are Your Cats Enjoying the End of Summer?

My last few cat updates were a little on the sad side (but with some good news in the end, as Biddy’s surgery was successful). So I thought I’d brighten the mood today with some recent photos of Biddy (short hair) and Walter (long hair) enjoying the last few days of summer.

Here are the boys taking a balcony break today:

Biddy’s shaved belly is starting to fill in!

Plenty of sunshine for everyone in the living room (there’s less in the office, and sometimes Walter pushes Biddy out of the best sunbeam).

After Walter got some tummy time the other day, Biddy surprised me by requesting some as well! He doesn’t usually do that during the day.

I’m not sure what they’re waiting for here:

Biddy is almost as smitten with Megan as I am, particularly when sushi is involved!

How are your cats/pets/kids enjoying the end of summer?

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