Have You Watched Firefly?

Joining the list of “shows I should have watched at least 10 years ago” is Firefly, and I’m here to talk about it as if it’s brand new!

Megan is a huge fan of Firefly. After learning that I’d never seen it (aside from the movie, Serenity, which I somehow have seen), she shared the DVD set with me, and we’ve been watching the first and only season. We’re around halfway through.

It’s somewhat bittersweet to watch the show, as I’m loving it, yet I know it was cut short. There’s only 1 season (15 episodes). I already want more, yet I must admit that if the show had run through a full 5-season arc, I might be much less likely to jump into it at this point.

The brilliance of the show, in my opinion, is how it’s a cowboy show set 500 years in the future. It features a ragtag band of likable outlaws who travel from town to town, getting into trouble and avoiding the law (and worse). It’s a familiar concept.

Yet these towns are on different planets. The characters travel by spaceship. They…well, actually, those are the main futuristic elements. Everything else is almost identical to a Western, even the guns, costumes, and music. It’s a carefully crafted balance, and it somehow manages to work, as the towns are on terraformed planets where settlers were dropped off with limited supplies and technology.

Have you watched Firefly? If not, has there ever been an older show that you discovered and are glad you did?

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  1. It’s my favourite show! Like you I came to it late (albeit, quicker than you) but I did the same thing — I saw Serenity first and I loved it, and wanted to know more about that unviverse.

    Not overly late to the party, but I only just watched Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, that was great, not as scary as you’d think.

  2. RodeoClown says:

    There’s official comics that continue the story after Serenity.

    The one about Book is quite…

    Not gonna spoil it 😉

    Your local library might have it.
    Worth checking out.

  3. Andrea Penny says:

    Firefly is one of my favourite shows! I only found it a few years ago, so you’re not the only late one. Now you guys have to play Firefly: The Game. It’s awesome and really makes you feel like you’re in the show. It’s long though, but worth it!

  4. Joe Pilkus says:


    I was turned-on to Firefly, much like you after it aired (though admittedly, only a few years, not a decade). I enjoy the show even today, as I introduce new people to these characters and this milieu. Also, I run two adventures in the serenity universe per year for my fiends via Skype. Each one is a Play in Three Acts, typically played out in 5-6 sessions.


  5. Oh my, yes. Huge Joss Whedon fan for a long time. Many phrases from the show have entered my everyday conversation. My daughter bought me a “Curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal.” T-Shirt, which is old and faded, but I will never get throw out.

    I recommend Firefly Legendary Encounters, which is essentially the Marvel Legendary system from Upper Deck, but instead of a Villain Deck, you get a Story deck, which covers three episodes of the show.

    And an episode recap fan podcast, “Might Fine Shindig”, has 3 fans talking in depth about the show, with plenty of behind the scenes trivia.


    Oh, and do you have the commentary tracks on your copy of the show? Listening to Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion talk about the production is always time well spent.

  6. Charles Teague says:

    Never missed an episode! I was a huge fan, same as The Adventures of Brisco County Jr! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105932/

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