Pet Please #159: Flattering Mirrors

Unlike humans, not all mirror are created equal.

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror that seemed to be designed to make you look a terrible as possible? Other than in every airplane bathroom (where they are 100% certain to be found), I’ve randomly discovered these mirrors over the years.

Then there are all of the normal mirrors that show you as you really look. They’re fine.

But every now and then you find a special mirror. A mirror that consistently depicts you in a flattering way, the way you want to be seen. A mirror that gives you that little burst of confidence that we all deserve.

I’m lucky enough to have one such mirror. I can’t remember where I got it–maybe my parents gave it to me? It’s near where I get dressed every day, and I also work out in front of it (that sounds super narcissistic–really I just use it for a few weight-related workouts where balance and symmetry are important).

I mentioned this mirror to my girlfriend the other day as something I want to keep throughout the years, and she didn’t seem familiar with the idea of certain mirrors being considerably better than others. So is this just me? Or have you ever found such a mirror?

I’m a little hesitant to post a photo of me in the mirror, as my self-perception is subjective and personal, but you might as well see what I’m talking about (the mirror, not my reflection in it). Also, I think it’s a neat selfie, as my phone is out of frame.

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