2 Slight Tweaks I’d Love to See on YouTube and Facebook

YouTube: I’ve noticed that more and more of my favorite long-form channels on YouTube–those that post videos over 20 minutes–have ads that force the videos to pause every 5 minutes or so. This wouldn’t be a problem for a shorter video, but I often listen to the longer videos while doing something else away from the computer. Also, because they’re longer, sometimes I’ll pause a video and come back to it later, and the ads seem to follow the unpausing on a 1-2 minute delay.

I’d like to propose a solution: For any long video (or any video with ads, really), I’d like the option to watch all of the ads when I press play. That’s much more convenient for me, and I would think it’s better for the advertisers too, because I’m guaranteeing they’ll have my attention then in exchange for an ad-free experience for the rest of the video.

Facebook: I subscribe to a bunch of different Facebook groups (most of them for Stonemaier Games). Whenever I log in to Facebook, I’m greeted by a number of grouped notifications, like, “Wingspan Group has posts from A, B, C, D, E, etc.” Even though I’m on Facebook a lot, sometimes the number of new posts can be a bit overwhelming.

Facebook helps a bit by separating notifications for posts and comments where people tag me–that’s great. But I would also find it helpful if Facebook could highlight any post that includes a question (identified by any post with a question mark). That would help me jump to the posts that are most likely to need a response.

What do you think about these minor problems and minor solutions?

1 thought on “2 Slight Tweaks I’d Love to See on YouTube and Facebook”

  1. I have to agree with you on the YouTube videos. I like to listen to The Dice Tower Top 10 videos on my way in to work and home from work. In Florida there is a law that says you can not hold or touch your phone while driving. Not a problem. It is bluetooth and I just start the video before I leave. Set it and forget it. I don’t need to see these videos seeing as it is just the 3 of them at the table so I enjoy listening on the way in. It is hard to stop the commercials while I am driving so it isn’t convenient for me to skip ads. I understand that they make money with the ads and I always watch the one or two in the beginning but don’t interrupt my video please. It is always in the middle of a sentence and I can’t go back to remember what was said.


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