Looking for a Good Cry? Try This.

Many years ago, I watched a few episodes of a new show called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” I recall it being more comedic than anything else: 5 fashionable, flamboyant men reacting to (and helping) a stereotypically messy straight guy. I had no idea until recently that the show–now called just “Queer Eye”–was still … Read more

How Do You Decide What to Eat?

I knew I could be indecisive about food, but until yesterday I didn’t quite understand just how many factors I consider when deciding what to eat and how it can cause cognitive overload. I was halfway through my weekly Facebook Live video chat with Stonemaier Games fans (see timestamped video below) when I got a … Read more

What Is Proper Coffee Shop Etiquette?

This week I’ve been excited to brainstorm a new game (and give Megan the house to herself for a few hours), so I’ve gone to a local coffee shop for some hot cocoa and computer-free time. Both visits have been pleasant and productive so far. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I work best without … Read more

Uplift Desk: Highly Recommended

A few years ago, I wrote with joy about an electric sit/stand desk I bought at IKEA. I had heard about the health benefits of a sit-stand desk, and I feel like I enjoyed those benefits for a while. I’ve held off on saying much about it since then, because the experience ended up being … Read more

Are You Watching “His Dark Materials”?

Years ago I was entranced by Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights trilogy, also called His Dark Materials. I loved how close his world was to our world–but also distinctly different in fantastical ways–and the reveals over the 3 books scratched many of my speculative fiction itches. There was a Golden Compass movie around 10 years ago … Read more

The Blind Date Rom Com Question

Last night we watch a British romantic comedy on Netflix called “Man Up” (an odd title that has nearly nothing to do with the plot of the film). The premise is that two people try to meet on a blind date, but due to a mixup, a different girl meets the guy, and they end … Read more

3 Things I Love About the New iPhone 11

One of the troublesome thing about taking 1000 selfie photos in New Zealand and relying on your phone for navigation, email, Instagram, and restaurant recommendations is that you constantly run out of battery power. This was particularly annoying for my iPhone 7 because the port that holds the charging cable rarely works. It only charges … Read more

My Top 10 Tips for Traveling in New Zealand

Over the last few blog entries I’ve talked about the wonderful 2-week trip that Megan and I took to New Zealand. If the food, beautiful locations, and environmentally friendly aspects of NZ intrigue you and you decide to take a trip there, here are some tips to consider in no particular order: Plan on at … Read more